Sports, Fitness & Entertainment

Active leisure as a trend for more fitness

Many illnesses and complaints can be reduced by actively designing leisure time. Who sits in the office for eight hours or more in the office and then on the way home in the car as well. gets sooner or later back problems. For this reason, franchise offers for sports are very far ahead in the development of the market, and new companies can go on the road to success with the tried and tested system. The franchise system only works for motivated franchisees who find the right location for the company. Individual sports are offered with the concept for company founders, the customers are easier to find, because the system has proven itself with other franchisees. Nevertheless, nobody should accept the franchise offer, only after a thorough examination of all advantages and disadvantages will the decision become easier. Sharing with other franchisees is another decision-making tool that is indispensable.

The most successful Sports, Fitness & Entertainment Franchises in Canada:

Logo FranchiseFranchise OutletsInvestment sizeEstablishment yearApply
Less than 10CDN$ 40.000 - 50.0002009Apply here
50CDN$ 110.000 - 115.0002010Apply here
100-200CDN$ 40.000 - 70.0002003Apply here
50-100CDN$ 110.000 - 120.0001993Apply here
Less than 10CDN$ 220.000 - 250.0001960Apply here
100-200CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0002009Apply here
50-100CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0002015Apply here
100 in next 5 yearsCDN$ 25.000 - 35.0002009Apply here
12CDN$ 250.000 - 300.0002014Apply here
100-200CDN$ 125.000 - 135.0001999Apply here
Become self-employed as a newcomer to the future market

Young, qualified and yet jobless, who is tired of waiting for the right job becomes active. Sports, event or leisure activities have good prospects for the future if they are managed professionally. Experts from the franchisor are on hand to help and advise on the possibilities of the franchise concept. The more information on topics such as the franchise fee and the rights and obligations of franchisees, the easier it is to create the business plan. The step into self-employment is not so difficult after a detailed analysis of the current market, franchisors like to advise on all important franchise topics. The trends of the future point in the direction of active leisure activities; those who incorporate the trend into professional planning for franchise self-employment have taken precautions