Not every person who wants to become self-employed wants to take the risk of creating a new brand and making it known. The right business idea is important for a successful start-up. If you don’t have an idea, you should look at franchise systems. If you decide on franchising, you will start your own business with a ready-made, proven concept. The following article informs about the best franchises in the field of direct sales.


The most successful retail Franchise in Canada:

Logo/FranchiseFranchise OutletsInvestment SizeEstablishment YearLink
50-100CDN$ 40.000 - 50.0002009Apply here
12CDN$ 250.000 - 300.0002015Apply here
100-200CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0001999Apply here
100-200CDN$ 110.000 - 120.0002009Apply here
100 in next 5 yearsCDN$ 40.000 - 70.0001960Apply here
Less than 10CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0002014Apply here
50CDN$ 25.000 - 35.0001993Apply here
50-100CDN$ 220.000 - 250.0002009Apply here
Less than 10CDN$ 125.000 - 135.0002010Apply here
100-200CDN$ 110.000 - 115.0002003Apply here


Successful business start-up with the best franchises from the retail sales segment

Statistics show that one in two consumers in Germany has already made one purchase from a direct seller. The total turnover in this sector in Germany is around 8 billion euros. More and more founders and companies are therefore dealing with this successful form of distribution. Franchise givers support founders & foundresses, who want to make themselves independent in this industry with a ready business concept, on this selling kind of custom-made products, well-known marks, training courses as well as with the financing.


Selection of the best Franchises from the industry direct selling

– Tupperware

– party elite

– outwork

– royal rose


– Amazing Jewelry

– Loregio

– Protego 24 Security Service


– Trumpf fire protection


– Succes Innovation


– Snap-on Tools

– fence team

– Tyrolean farmer’s stall

– husk



Franchise systems direct sales are now offered for almost every industry, so that it is possible to turn your own hobby into a profession. Whoever chooses one of the best franchises in the direct sales industry will start up with less financial risk, get territory protection, benefit from advantages in product purchasing and be supported by the franchisor in financing, marketing, company management and training. In most cases, a good direct franchise can generate lucrative profits within a short period of time. Many of these franchises also make it possible to work in the home office.


Who are direct sales franchises suitable for?

The best franchises are generally suitable for every founder. Numerous potential customers can be reached with minimal effort.