Fitness and Wellness

Sectors such as fitness and health are in vogue, and franchise systems like these are constantly being expanded. Health style is becoming the motor of life, because more and more people want to be fit and healthy. Fitness & Wellness is the foundation for a healthy life, with the right nutrition and more sport many diseases can be avoided. Start-ups who have noticed that after a long period of unemployment they lack meaning in life can set the course for an active life with the Fitness & Wellness franchise. Prospective business start-ups have a duty to dig their way through the bureaucracy jungle. Franchisors advise franchisees on all formalities as soon as the license fee has been paid. Franchising can prove the success with some franchisees, the location is one of the most important factors for the new enterprise. The flow of information is so interactive that franchisees can network and benefit from the experience.


The most successful Fitness & Wellness Franchise in Canada:

Logo FranchiseFranchise OutletsInvestment sizeEstablishment yearApply
50-100CDN$ 25.000 - 35.0002010Apply here
100-200CDN$ 40.000 - 70.0002003Apply here
Less than 10CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0002009Apply here
50-100CDN$ 220.000 - 250.0002009Apply here
100-200CDN$ 50.000 - 60.0002015Apply here
Less than 10CDN$ 110.000 - 115.0001960Apply here
100 in next 5 yearsCDN$ 110.000 - 120.0001999Apply here
50CDN$ 40.000 - 50.0002014Apply here
12CDN$ 125.000 - 135.0002009Apply here
100-200CDN$ 250.000 - 300.0001993Apply here
The uniform appearance of the franchisees has a high recognition value.

The high recognition value of the company presence makes it easier to approach customers. The business concept has already proven itself several times on the market and can be adopted after consultation with the franchisor. When, if not soon, are many new founders thinking. It is not necessary to postpone plans to start a new business; with the right concept, the start into the future can begin soon. The introductory programs are structured in such a way that any interested party with legal capacity can cope with them.

The starting conditions are made as simple as possible by the franchisors, so that nobody who is interested and fulfils all the franchise requirements has to give up working as a franchisee. Growth and expansion are possible with the franchise systems, because the expansion of further branches Fitness & Wellness is possible.